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Summary: When a person is born, there is no telling where the roads of their lives will take them. What paths will one take? How will one take them? Will their journey end early, or will it extend longer than necessary in a long strain of joy and suffering? Every choice sets you to a certain set of paths, and the choices set you on different roads each time. There’s only one rule.

No redos.

Or are there?

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[life is long - life is short] )
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Summary: Thanks to the transportalizers near Grandpa's home, Bro and Grandpa have always had a special secluded place to themselves. However, when Grandpa leaves for destinations unknown, Bro takes advantage of the time away to prepare a surprise that Grandpa will never forget.
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Fuck Yeah, Adventure )

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Summary: Wherein the true meaning of Moirallegiance is found through salvation.
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[Burn the Maps That Chart Your Dreams] )
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Summary: Karkat and Sollux, trying to keep their unsuccessful paranormal investigation agency open, accept a job checking out dimensional instabilities in the vicinity of a small university. Offers 4 endings and roughly 90 minutes of play in addition to some bonus material.
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Summary: Davesprite and Karkat decide to try and unwind for once with alcohol. The results are as mixed as the drinks.
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Summary: “How many times are we going to do this?” Terezi asks eventually, and Dave shrugs.

“Long as it takes to get everyone out alive.”

“Is that feasible?”

He shrugs again, mouth set. “We’ll make it feasible.”

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Perpetuum mobile )
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Summary: It's supposed to be just a night like any other. How many ways can that go wrong?
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Aradia and Equius: Aberrate )
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Summary: Aradia and Sollux’s relationship still lasted even through the obstacles that awaited them. This was for the collaboration round in the Homestuck Shipping Olympics, Prompt was aberration.
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Doomed Love Almost Lost Its Last Minute In Time )
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Summary: While chasing his dog, Jake Harley finds himself tumbling into a most curious land. Adventure and romance awaits and only you, the reader, can determine the outcome!
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Journey to the Land Where Formal Etiquette is Useless: A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel )
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